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I'd like to draw your attention to art activities for kids again. Christmas is approaching and to make an original gift with your hands and present with it to your mum or granny will mean to make them extremely happy. I offer you to make such a wonderful bowl, a craft out of threads. This spectacular vase besides, being an exclusive gift is able to decorate any home. To make it is so easy that your kid will gladly help you.

Cut the strips of bright threads and start working together with your kids.

For making the craft you'll need:

— a basis (a bowl out of any material),
— thin film,
— P V A glue,
— threads.

The bowl is covered with thin film. On the film put some glue and coat with threads at will.
Leave it to dry.

Carefully take it away from the basis together with the film, then separate it from the film.

The craft is ready! It may be a lovely gift or a fascinating decoration of your room.

Some more craft ideas are here too: easy origami for children.

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