Art Activities for Kids. An Unconventional Painting Method - Splashing on + the Imprint of Leaves + Water-color

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I've found an unconventional painting method — splashing on — while looking through the art activities for kids and want to show it to you. Usually children paint on white paper: a picture is better seen. But some pictures need a background and using the splashing on we create a background needed for them. We should point out that children works look better on the made background. Most children make it with a brush, but it's better and more beautiful to make it with a piece of cotton-wool or foam rubber soaked in water or paint. But today we get acquainted with an unusual way of splashing on.

The needed materials: color paper, guoache, a hard brush, a piece of thick cardboard or plasticine (5 x 5 cm), water-color paints.

Making the picture:
A child soak a brush in the paint and hit it on the cardboard which he is holding over the paper. The paint is splashing on it.
In our work we made the splashing on the paper of a pink color. Then we made an imprint of a leaf and to look the picture brighter, we painted everything with water-color.
And we've got a lovely picture:

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