Art activities for kids. An unconventional painting method - splashing on + an application, a masterclass

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My children get incredibly excited about simple but entertaining art activities for kids. An unconventional painting method of splashing on is among them. Ar one of our lessons I've already told you about this method. Now using splashing on we'll make an application out of self-glued paper. It's a very fascinating activity. Try this masterclass and you won't regret!

You'll need:
White paper, self-glued paper, a toothbrush, water-color paints, threads, glue, scissors.

How to do:
1.On a sheet of self-glued paper draw clouds, a parachute, a figure of a man with a pencil. Cut out the details carefully.

2. Take away the covering film and glue the details on a sheet of white paper.

3. Soak a toothbrush in water and take some water-color on the edges of its bristle. Run your forefinger over the bristle — the drops of the paint will appear on the paper. Try to make as small drops as possible. Now pass to splashing water-color on the sheet with glued things to make a sky background.

4. As soon as the paint has been dried, take the glued things off.

5. To the parachute fasten some threads or paint them with a felt-tip pen.

And we've got such a painting:

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