Art activities for kids. An OWL - a handmade craft out of natural material - a photo and description

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Art activities for kids interest not only us but also those who work with children and are responsible for their education. To make original crafts out of natural material is a fascinating activity and your kids will plunge into work with great desire. We are going to show you how to make a marvelous owl out of natural material.
For making this craft you`ll need:
— the key fruit of deciduous trees,
-cotton grass tufts (reed mace tufts),
— 2 calyces of acorns,
— 3 scales of fir cones,
— the cones of a thuja (an alder),
— 2 river cockleshells,
— yellow paper,
— thick cardboard,
— a black felt-tip pen,
— a clothespin,
— acrylic transparent lacquer,
— all-purpose glue,
— scissors,
— tracing paper,
— a pencil.

1. On a piece of thick cardboard draw a contour of an owl and small circle for eyes — on a piece of yellow paper.

2. On the head glue key fruit arranging them in a circle.
3. Glue the spots for wings and stick cockleshells with the prominent parts out.Н
Glue the cones of a thuja to the base — the claws of the owl — and scales of the fir cone — ears and a beak.

4. Cover the base and and all the glued parts with lacquer. Right on the wet lacquer glue cotton grass tufts beginning from the bottom — the claws.

5. Make cuts on the eyes with scissors not reaching the center. Glue the scales of the cones to the center and on them draw pupils with a felt-tip pen. Glue the eyes to the owl's head.
6. On the opposite side of the base glue a clothespin with the hands up and fasten to the pine twig.

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Have you seen this? It`s perfect! The following are also cute:

An owl from natural materials

An owl from natural materials

An owl from natural materials
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