Art activities for kids. A craft - a Vase for berry composition out of plasticine and kidney beans

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Art activities for kids cultivates in them a love for creativity, stimulates imagination and desire to invent something original. Besides, homemade craft ideas is the right place to have fun. Look at this funny vase like a stout little man. Isn't it fascinating? We've made it with our children at one of the lessons, put a green twig with cherries into it and now it decorates the interior of the kindergarten. Don't you wish to make such a vase for cherry composition out of plasticine and kidney beans? If you say «yes», let's start.

The needed materials:
1. An ordinary glass jar, it's desirable to take a narrow jar — it'll look better in a craft.
2. Plasticine.
3. Kidney beans of different sorts.
Take a jar and put plasticine on it. We've put orange plasticine on 1/3 of it and green — on the rest. Out of kidney beans we've made the eyes, a nose, a mouth and drawn an ornament at will. Make up as desired!
Here's what you can have as a result of your work:

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It`s cute. What I like best is that it`s easy to make. Here`s one more vase easy for kindergartenists to create.

Vase from plasticine.
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