Art Activities. Composition out of Groats and Dried Wheat-ears - Handmade Vase with Flowers

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Art activities for kids are extremely useful for children: they don't only amuse them for hours but also stimulate their creative initiative and make them happy, which is very important. At one of our lessons I offered my children a handmade craft — a composition out of groats and dried wheat-ears — a Vase with flowers. In general, children enjoy working with groats. They got even more interested when I advised them to decorate our vase with dried wheat-ears, which I had gathered and dried in summer. Besides, beforehand I myself knitted small white ox-eye daisies with a knitting hook. They looked cute! And we started to work.

Handmade Vase with Flowers

The main materials you'll need:

— Cloth — sacking, cardboard,
— Colored paper, scissors,
— Glue,
— Buckwheat, peas,
— Dried wheat-ears, flowers, heather,
— Ox-eye daisies (knitted).

The way of working:

1. On a sheet of cardboard stretch some sacking; on the opposite side glue it carefully.

2. Out of colored paper cut a vase and glue it on the sacking.

3. Glue the vase with buckwheat and peas. Make up any picture you like and draw it in pencil on the vase beforehand.

4. Insert the wheat-ears, dried flowers and heather into the holes of the sacking. Glue the ends of everything carefully so that they should not protrude.

5. Glue the ox-eye daisies, too.

Here's the vase we've made:

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