A craft for kids from an old magazine - A FIR. Art lessons for children

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Here's one more exciting art lesson for children taken from an old magazine. It'll show us how to make a surprising fir, a craft that'll be interesting for your kids too. Everybody knows that working together makes people closer. If you create something together with your children, the process carries away both kids and grown-ups. Don't you believe? Then try and you'll get a lot of satisfaction. Your child will be a real helper or, perhaps, even a teacher who will supervise your work and give his own valuable advice. And you'll be proud of your son or daughter :)

What is necessary to start your work? Too little — a helper (and he or she is always with you), free time and old magazines!
Materials: an old magazine (or two: a fir will be more fluffy or two-sided) and scissors. To make the craft is easy. On a piece of paper draw half a fir — it'll be a pattern, outline it on the first page of the magazine, cut out. Further on the first sheet will be a pattern, cut out half a fir from the second sheet. You can cut some sheets simultaneously but be sure that everything is being made carefully. In the end you may have such a lovely fir:

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