A children creativity lesson - an unconventional method of painting - paper tearing

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Children creativity lessons stimulate your kids' development, expand their abilities and minds. Today I'd like to show you one more unconventional method of painting — paper tearing. I use this kind of creativity in my work with children of different ages: from 3 to 7 years old. This method helps develop fine motor skills and find out a young personality's creative abilities.
Children tear paper at will, as desired.
You need:
Napkins or double-sided color paper, P V A glue, a brush, thick paper or colorful cardboard for a base.
What to do:
A child tear paper into small pieces. Then he draws with glue what he wants to paint, (for little ones I myself draw a picture on a sheet of paper), and puts the pieces on the glue. As a result the picture turns out volume. Using this technique you may create big parts of the picture, e.g. the body, the paws and the head of a spider. The torn pieces have uneven edges, so the spider looks hairy. You glue all the parts of the picture and put them on the base.

Here's what our children created:

We've got sich a nice hare:

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Excellent! I like it — it`s a perfect activity for preschoolers.
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