Snack Sandwiches with Egg Salad

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These Snack Sandwiches with Egg Salad are very tasty and easy in cooking. They`ll help you out when guests come suddenly and you have nothing specially cooked. Your daughter will make them very quickly and with great desire. Use our recipe, please, and start cooking.

Snack Sandwiches with Egg Salad

Snack Sandwiches with Egg Salad

Ingredients for Snack Sandwiches:

— 3 eggs;
— 1 bunch of green onion;
— mustard — 1 teaspoon;
— mayonnaise — 1 table spoon;
— bread (you may take toast bread) — 8 slices;
— 1 bunch of parsley.

Recipe of Cooking:

For Egg Salad: boil the eggs in cool, cut them and add the finely chopped onion, salt, pepper. If desired, add chili for spicy taste. Mix the mustard with mayonnaise till homogeneous mass and add it to the egg salad. Put the salad onto the square slices of bread, cut them diagonally and roll one side of the sandwiches into the finely chopped parsley. That`s all: the original Snack Sandwiches are ready! Bon appetit!

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