Recipes Kids Can Make. Festive Chicken Roll

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Recipes kids can make. Here you'll find an inspiring meal idea for celebrating kids or family holidays. This Festive Chicken Roll is just the recipe that your elder daughters can easily cook. If they need your help, you'll render it with pleasure, won't you?

Festive Chicken Roll

Recipes Kids Can Make. Festive Chicken Roll


— chicken,
— fried mushrooms,
— pistachios,
— spices.


Remove the skin from chicken carefully.

Cut out the meat into pieces, add the cooled fried mushrooms, spices, peeled pistachios and mix well.

Put the stuffing on the skin, roll it and wrap in foil twisting tightly its ends.

Place it into the oven for 50 min at a temperature of 200-210 deg.
Remove from the oven, leave it to cool, then put into a fridge for freezing for 5-6 or 24 hours.

Release the frozen chicken roll from the foil, put it on the plate, cut into slices and serve to the table.

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