Recipes Kids can Make. Cheese Appetizer for a Veteran

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Recipes kids can make. Along with making handmade Veterans Day crafts gifts to be presented to veterans on their holiday, grandchildren with the help of their mothers' try to cook something tasty to treat their grandpa veterans. Here the beginners in cooking can learn how to prepare Cheese Appetizer for a Veteran.

Cheese Appetizer for a Veteran

Recipes Kids can Make. Cheese Appetizer for a Veteran


— 4 eggs — 2 raw eggs and 2 boiled ones,
— potato starch — 1 table spoon,
— flour — 1 table spoon,
— milk — 2/3 of a glass,
— processed cheese — 2-3 table spoons,
— sour cream — 1-2 table spoons,
— garlic — 1 clove,
— spices — allspice, nutmeg,
— hard cheese — in plates,
— red sweet pepper — for decoration,
— salt — small pinch.


1. Whisk eggs, flour, starch, salt, milk.

2. Fry pancakes on a dry frying pan (pour 1 table spoon of the dough). Ask your mom to help with frying.

3. I turned over the first pancake, then fried only on one side.

4. Cut off the edges of the pancakes carefully.

5. You'll cook about 12-13 pancakes.

6. While the pancakes are hot, fold them in the form of cornets.

7. Make the cornets from the plates of hard cheese too.

8. Prepare stuffing: grate the eggs, add the spices, processed cheese, sour cream and the garlic skipped through the press. The stuffing can be different (meat, fish or vegetable).

9. Mix well.

10. Stuff the pancakes and cheese.

11. Make the pestle from red sweet pepper or carrot.

12. Place the pancakes on the dish in the form of a bouquet.

Treat your grandpa veteran with this Cheese Appetizer and make him feel happy.

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