Popular Recipes Kids Can Make - Baklava

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Popular recipes kids can make. If you've got some spare time and want to teach your daughter a new cooking recipe, then show her how to cook Baklava.


What You'll Need

Ingredients for 16 pieces:
— 275 gr. of sugar,
— pinch of cinnamon,
— 4 table spoons of clear honey,
— 125 gr. of unsalted butter,
— 300 gr. of finely chopped almonds,
— 275 gr. of frozen filo dough, unfreeze.

Step by Step Recipe of Cooking Baklava:

1. Put 250 gr. of sugar, 325 ml of water and cinnamon into the pan. Heat slowly till sugar melts. Add honey and cook 15 min. without stirring. Cool and put into a fridge.

Popular Recipes Kids Can Make - Baklava

2. Heat the oven till 170 deg. Melt the butter and grease a large and deep dripping pan with it. Mix the nuts with sugar.

3. Roll out the dough and put it into the dipping pan. Grease 5 dough sheets with melted butter and place them onto the dripping pan. Strew with 1/3 of nuts. Cover with 3 layers of greased with butter dough, strew with half of the left almond. Repeat once more. A layer of dough should be the last.

4. With a knife draw 16 rhombuses on the surface. Don't cut through to the bottom. Bake 30 min., then increase the temperature till 200 deg and bake 10 min more.

5. Pour cold syrup from above. When cool down, cut into pieces on the marked lines.

Eat with pleasure and be happy!

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