Popular Recipes for Kids. Rice Soup with Beef

This popular recipe for kids will definitely be to their taste. Rice Soup with Beef is good and nutritious for children from 1,5 years old. Its cooking is easy and takes only 20 min.

Popular Recipes for Kids. Rice Soup with Beef


beef — 50 gr,
carrot — 1 piece,
potato — 1 piece,
onion — 0,5 piece,
inflorescences of cauliflower — 2 pieces,
rice — 30 gr,
water — 1 l.


Boil beef and make puree from it before cooking the soup. Chop onion, potato and cauliflower finely. Grate carrot on a fine grater. Pour water and cook for 10 min. Then add rice and beef puree; cook the rice until tender. Cover and let the soup steep for 5 min. The soup is ready to enjoy it! Bon appetit!

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