PINEAPPLE CAKE with Condensed Milk for Kids

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Fond of cooking? Then this yummy PINEAPPLE CAKE with condensed milk for festive events is for you. It`s very simple in cooking. Start baking and you`ll see this.


PINEAPPLE CAKE with Condensed Milk for Kids

The Ingredients:

* 2 eggs
* 2/3 of a tin of condensed milk
* one tin of pineapple (rings)
* 1,5 glasses of flour
* a packet of baking powder

How to Cook:

Beat the eggs with condensed milk, add flour and baking powder. Pour the dough into the baking pan, put the pineapple rings from above «drowning» them a bit. Bake 20 — 25 minutes at 160 — 175 deg.
Note: put the dough into the heated oven.
Easy in cooking the cake is very yummy and fragrant. Besides, it`ll be a cute decoration of your festive table. Bon appetit!

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