Original Meat Cake for Kids

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All mothers teach their kids to cook: they use the recipes they know. And we also want to help them and offer a number of recipes easy in cooking. This time it`ll be an original Meat Cake.

Original Meat Salad

Original Meat Cake for Kids

Ingredients for MEAT CAKE:

— meat (it`s desired to take smoked meat) — 350 gm;
— canned beans — 400 gm;
— Dutch cheese — 100 gm;
— mayonnaise — 100 gm;
— 3 eggs;
— flour — 1 glass;
— soda extinguished with vinegar — 1 teaspoon;
— 1 bunch of greens;
— sunflower oil (for greasing the baking pan) — 1 table spoon.

Recipe of MEAT CAKE:

Cut the meat and cheese into the squares, mix with beans and greens. Beat the eggs with sour cream and mayonnaise, add soda and flour. Mix everyting till homogeneous mass. Put it into the baking pan (grease it with sunflower oil a bit beforehand) and put it into the oven heated till 180 deg for about 30-40 minutes.

Bon appetit!

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