Nutrition for Kids. Cutlets with Salad

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Nutrition for kids from i,5 year old. Not sure what to cook for your kids? Try these cutlets with salad. it's perfect for kids from 1,5 year old and is cooked for 45 min. Your dears will certainly enjoy eating it.

Cutlets with Salad

Nutrition for Kids. Cutlets with Salad


— 1 cucumber,
— 1 tomato,
— 1 sweet pepper,
— 0,2 carrot,
— curd for kids 100 gr,
— meat pureefor kids 50 gr,
— oatmeal 5 table spoons,
— onion 0,5,
— milk 20 gr,
— bunch of dill.


Chop the oatmeal in a blender and mix with meat puree, add milk. Grate the carrot and onion and add to the meat blend.

Grease a baking container with some butter. Form small cutlets, place them into the baking container on a small distance from each other and put to bake.

Cut the cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper, onion in small pieces and chop the dill. Mix the vegetables with the curd.

Take out the cutlets from the oven and serve together with salad. Enjoy it!

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