Nutrition for Children. Healthy Recipes - Minced Meat

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I hope this healthy recipe Minced Meat will attract mothers' attention who care much for the nutrition for children. The recipe is quick, easy and what is more it's very useful for kid's health.

Nutrition for Children. Healthy Recipes - Minced Meat

Healthy Recipes — Minced Meat

Mince 50 gr. of meat without fat and films.

In a pan heat half a teaspoon (5 gr.) of butter, let it boil, fry a piece of onion a little, then meat; sprincle it with flour (half a teaspoon).

Mix everything well, add a bit of low-fat broth, salt and cover with a lid.

Stew in the oven, rub through a hair sieve. Add 3 gr. of butter.

Serve with porridge or a bun, or add into broth.

Bon appetit!

Food carving for beginners contains a number of cute healthy recipes for children nutrition.

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