Nutrition for Babies. Mashed Potato Soup

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Nutrition for babies . Mashed Potato Soup

Nutrition for Babies. Mashed Potato Soup

Ingredients for 2 portions:
— potato 200 gr,
— water 200 ml,
— milk about 100 ml,
— butter 5 gr,
— carrot juice 5 ml.

Wash thoroughly the peeled potatoes, chop them finely, put into a pan and add water. Cook the potatoes until ready on low heat, then pour off the broth into a separate dish.

Chop the potatoes in the blender or rub though a fine sieve. Add the blended broth, milk into the mashed potatoes and mix everything thoroughly. Put on a stove and boil.

Add the butter or carrot juice into the soup and let your baby enjoy it.

Tip: Avoid salt and spices while cooking for kids under 3 years old. They'll get a small amount of the required sodium (salt) from the used vegetables.

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