Irish Bread for the Poor - IRISH POTATO CAKE

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St. Patrick`s Day`ll be soon with us and you want to surprise your dear ones with something special. You may treat them with the dishes traditionally cooked in the old times. Your kids will love this craft idea — an old original recipe of baking Irish bread for the poor on St. Patrick`s Day — IRISH POTATO CAKE.

Irish POtato Cake

Children crafts. Irish Bread for the Poor - IRISH POTATO CAKE


— 6 potatoes of medium size;
— a handful of flour;
— salt;
— 20-30 gm of butter;
— 2 table spoons of olive oil

Wash the potatoes thoroughly but don`t peel. Put a thin towel on the bottom of the bowl.
Grate the potatoes into the bowl. Then squeeze them with the help of the towel, so that the liquid can stay in the bowl. Leave the liquid for 20 minutes, so that the starch can sink to the bottom. Put the grated potato aside.
In 20 minutes pour out the whole liquid from the bowl leaving the starch on the bottom, add the grated potato, flour and salt. Mix everything.
Heat a little the butter and olive oil on the pan and put the potato mix there. The cake thickness should be 2-2,5 cm. Fry on the medium fire till the lower side browns well; then turn the cake out with the help of a plate and fry on the other side. Frying should last about 30 minutes.
It`s better to fry this cake more slowly: it`ll be crispy and corn-coloured from all sides. Divide the cake into four parts and serve with sour cream. Bon appetit!

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