Home Easy Cooking for Kids. Apple and Lemon Sorbet

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Home easy cooking lets children try out some simple recipes which require little cooking. Make this friendly and easy recipe for kids — Apple and Lemon Sorbet — and your dear children will be glad to help you and then eat with pleasure.

Apple and Lemon Sorbet

You'll Need:

— 3 apples,
— 3 lemons,
— vanilla,
— 200 ml. of water,
— 150 gr. of fructose.

How to Cook:

Peel the apples and chopped them finely. Pour 100 ml. of water and squeeze the juice of one lemon into the pan.

Home Easy Cooking for Kids. Apple and Lemon Sorbet

Add the fructose, apples and stew for 15 m. Then with a mixer grind to puree and place into the fridge for 3 hours.

Squeeze the juice of 2 lemons, add 100 ml. of water, vanilla and heat to boiling.

Cool and connect with apple mixture. Put the sorbet into the freezer. It's simple and very yummy! Bon appetit!

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