Healthy Meal Ideas for Babies. Soup with Broccoli

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Healthy meal ideas for babies. Your babies need not only special care but also meticulous selection of healthy and useful food. We'd like to draw your attention to Soup with Broccoli which is perfect for both babies, toddlers and kids of all ages.

Soup with Broccoli

Healthy Meal Ideas for Babies. Soup with Broccol


— chicken groud — 50 gr,
— broccoli — 100 gr,
— potatoes — 2,
— salt — a pinch.


Place a pan with water on a stove. When the water boils, put the chicken ground into it and cook (don't forget to remove the foam from the soup). While the chicken ground is cooking, peel potatoes and cut them into small pieces.

Then put the potato and broccoli into the pan and salt a bit. When the ingredients cooked, turn off the stove. Put the potato, chicken ground and broccoli into the blender and chop them to a homogeneous mass.

Put the received mass back to the pan and boil for a few minutes. Yummy nourishing soup for babies is ready! Bon appetit to your kids!

Tip: Draw a funny face with vegetables, sour cream or a boiled egg, greens on the soup in a plate and your healthy and tasty children meal will get even fun.

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