Friendly and Easy Recipes for Kids. WINE SOUFFLE for Grandpa on Independence Day

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On the eve of the patriotic holiday some creative children find inspiration in making independence day crafts for kids to congratulate their dears. Other children are good at cooking and the friendly and easy recipes for kids are just what they need. We`ll show them how to cook the dessert with red wine — WINE SOUFFLE — a real «adult» dessert and very tasty.

Kids` moms should help them cook it as the dish contains alcohol. Besides, it`s a great opportunity for moms to enjoy the time spending with their children and teaching them to cook simultaneously. Grandpas and dads will be gald to get such a tasty gift on Independence Day, Memorial day or any other holiday.

WINE SOUFFLE for Grandpa on Independence Day

Friendly and Easy Recipes for Kids. WINE SOUFFLE for Grandpa on Independence Day

You`ll Need:

— 20 gr. of gelatin
— 400 ml. of red dessert wine
— white of the 2 eggs
— 50 gr. of sugar
— 400 ml. of grape juice
— 150 gr. of grapes
— cinnamon
— a sprig of mint


1. Pour half a glass of cold boiled water into the gelatin and leave for half an hour. Then heat it on the water bath.

2. Heat the wine, put a cinnamon stick, hold it in hot wine for about 2 minutes, take away the cinnamon and cool the wine.

3. Whisk the white eggs and sugar, pour gradually red wine and half of the gelatin. Go on whisking until smooth.

4. Put the prepared mass into the molds but not more than half of the volume. Atop place the grapes cut into halves. Leave for cooling.

5. Mix the warm grape juice with the remaining gelatin, pour atop of the grapes and take away for complete gelation. Decorate the dessert with a sprig of mint.

WINE SOUFFLE is ready. Wish your grandpa bon appetit!

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