Cooking Food Recipes for Kids. Homemade Ice Cream from Milk

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Cooking food recipes for kids. Homemade ice cream is yum-yum! It's much tastier and more useful than the usual one bought in a store, I guess. Why do I think so? It's due to its some components, e.g. today they are honey, cherry, strawberry, mango and yogurt which will benefit you and your children.

Homemade Ice Cream from Milk

The recipes of homemade ice cream is guite a few. You can always change the components or add new ones on your preference and taste.

Why don't you try to cook homemade ice cream with us?

Cherry Ice Cream

by Alexander Seleznyov


— cherry (without cherrystone) — 500 gm,
— sugar powder — 100 gm,
— vanilla sugar — 50 gm,
— lemon juice — 1 table spoon,
— yogurt — 200 gm,
— sour cream — 150 gm,
— cream 33% fat — 150 gm

Cooking Food Recipes for Kids. Homemade Ice Cream from Milk


Whisk cherry with sugar powder, vanilla sugar and lemon juice in a blender until sugar is dissolved. Then mix it with yogurt, sour cream and put into a freezer. In an hour add whipped cream and freeze completely. Put cherries on the bottom of a plate or a small bowl, atop — a ball of ice cream. Decorate with cherries.

Chocolate Ice Cream with Mango


— chocolate with a lot of cocoa — 100 gm,
— lump sugar — 100 gm,
— granulated sugar — 150 gm,
— mandarin — 4,
— cocoa powder — 70 gm,
— mango — 1.

Cooking Food Recipes for Kids. Homemade Ice Cream from Milk

Break chocolate into pieces. Peel the mandarins, grate the zest and put on the bottom of the pan. Squeeze the mandarins, pour the juice into the pan, add 300 ml. of cold water and granulated sugar. Heat to simmer. As soon as sugar is dissolved, add cocoa and chocolate, heat until a homogeneous mixture. Let it cool down, then put into a freezer in a closed container; whisk every half an hour, then every 15 min., so as to prevent the formation of crystals. Peel the mango, cut the flesh into thin slices. Serve with the ice cream.

Homemade Ice Cream «Strawberry Hibiscus»


— strawberry — 500 gm,
— cream (liquid) — 200 ml.,
— honey (liquid) — 100 gm,
— hibiscus (dry petals) — 1 table spoon.

Cooking Food Recipes for Kids. Homemade Ice Cream from Milk

Warm up the cream, add hibiscus and let it brew. Drain the cream, add the strawberry washed previously and honey. Whip up for 1 min. at a great speed. Place into a freezer. When the ice cream freezes, mix carefully so as to remove the ice crystals. Place into the freezer again.

Cottage Cheese Ice Cream with Honey


— bold cottage cheese — 500 gm.,
— honey — 150 gm.,
— lemon (juice) — 3 table spoons,
For serving:
— honey,
— pine nuts.

Cooking Food Recipes for Kids. Homemade Ice Cream from Milk

Put the cottage cheese into a salad-bowl, add honey and lemon juice. Whip up for 2 min., freeze in a freezer; mix during freezing so as not to form crystals.

Before serving pour honey and sprinkle with pine nuts roasted previously on a dry pan.

Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream


— double cream — 500 ml.,
— milk — 250 ml.,
— sugar — 185 gm.,
— salt — 1 pinch,
— vanilla essence — 1 teaspoon,
— strawberry (fresh, cut into pieces) — 250 gm.

Cooking Food Recipes for Kids. Homemade Ice Cream from Milk

Pour milk and cream into a bowl. Add sugar, salt and whip up with a whisk until complete dissolution of sugar. At the end add vanilla essence. Let it brew for 15 min., then place the mixture into a fridge until full cooling: from 3 till 8 hours.

Divide the strawberries into 2 parts; crush one part into small pieces with a masher or a fork, the second part is left as it is. Join the two parts and let cool for an hour.

Pour milk mixture into a freezer, freeze according to the instruction. Two minutes until ready (when the mixture is the consistency of the medium whipped cream), add the strawberries, mix well, put into a container and place into a freezer (from 3 hours till 3 days). If desired, before serving one may adorn the ice cream with fresh strawberries.

Ice Cream with Saffron


— milk — 1/4 L.,
— cream (liquid) — 1/4 L.,
— eggs (yolk) — 6,
— sugar (granulated) — 100 gm.,
— saffron — 6 pinches.

Cooking Food Recipes for Kids. Homemade Ice Cream from Milk

Boil the milk, cream and saffron. Whip up the yolks and granulated sugar untill the white mass. Mix with the warmed mixture. Heat stirring gradually until thick. Remove from heat and cool. Pour into a container and place in the freezer.

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