Cake Napoleon for Mothers - Simple Recipe

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Cake Napoleon is one of the best homemade cakes. This recipe is the simpliest one, so little girls learning to cook, will easily cope with it. On Mother`s Day their mums will be pleasantly surprised to get such a yummy gift made by their daughters.

Cake Napoleon

Cake Napoleon for Mothers - Simple Recipe

For the Dough:

— 200 gm of butter or margarine;
— 1 tablespoon of vodka;
— 1/2 glass of water;
— 2 glasses of flour;
— a pinch of salt.


Take half a glass of water, pour vogka, strew salt and mix everything. Strew the flour on the cutting board, cut butter or margarine taken from the fridge into small pieces, hack it together with the flour till you have crumbs. Collect the crumbs slide, make a hole in the center and pour the liquid from the glass little by little going on hacking till you have dough.

Put the made dough into the fridge for two hours, then divide it into 4 parts, roll a seam 3-5 mm thick from each part. The number of the seams depends on the size of the baking form or an oven-tray. If the baking form is small, make 5-6 seams.

Grease the seams with cream 5-6 hours or even 10 hours (if you`ve baked 10 seams) before serving onto the table. You can take custard or butter cream to grease the seams. If you grate a bit of lemon zest, the cake Napoleon will acquire a very pleasant flavour.

Cake Napoleon for Mothers - Simple Recipe

Eat and enjoy yourselves!

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