Breakfast Recipes for Kids. Apple Candy

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Cooking with kids is rewarding as we teach our children important skills and aquaint with healthy meal ideas, what will be useful for them in their future life. Here's the recipe of Apple Candy so loved by kids and tasety for breakfast.

Apple Candy

You'll Need:

— 2 kg of apples,
— vanilla,
— cinnamon.

Breakfast Recipes for Kids. Apple CandyBreakfast Recipes for Kids. Apple Candy


Take the apple core away and cut it into slices. Put the slices into a pan with thick walls, add 3 table spoons of water, cover with a lid and boil about 15 min till the apples become mild.

Grind in a blender. Add cinnamon and vanilla.

Put the pan with applessauce on small fire and wait till almost all water evaporates.

Put the apple mass in a thin layer on a dripping pan and dry in an oven at a temperature 100 deg.

Bon appetit!

Fruit and vegetable carving art will provide you with a number of noteworthy ideas, too.

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