Trick Questions with Answers. Develop Kids' Logic Thinking

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Logic puzzles with answers for kids are necessary to develop kids' logic thinking, teach them to solve problems and exercise their memory.

Trick Questions with Answers

1. Without what can't you bake bread?

2. In what year do people eat more than usual?

3. What is warmer than a fur coat?

4. How can one carry water in a sieve?

5. When is there anything in an empty pocket?

6. Why does a cock close its eyes when it sings?

7. When is it better for a black cat to get into the house?

8. When can a net draw out water?

9. Under what tree does a hare sit when it rains?

The answers are given in comments.

Have fun thinking over these trick questions at kids holidays.

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1. Without crust.
2. In a leap year.
3. Two fur coats.
4. Frozen water.
5. When it has a hole.
6. It wants to show that it sings by heart.
7. When a door is open.
8. When water turns into ice.
9. Under wet tree.
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