Simple Scales - Develop Preschoolers' Logical Thinking

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Children are fond of logic riddles with answers which help them develop memory, imagination and thinking. And we'd like to tell you how to make Simple Scales for developing preschoolers' logical thinking. Thanks to this simple scales a kid can acquire some elementary notions in physics and start to see into some phenomena earlier than it's explained in school.

It's quite easy to make such a scales. Take a wooden stick and put it on the backs of 2 chairs, placed half a metre between them.

Hang a hanger in the middle and tie ropes to its both ends. Attach 2 identical paper boxes (or packages) to the ropes. You can put a little sand into the boxes to counterbalance.

And now you may start to weigh objects. But first it's necessary to explain to a child that when one object is heavier than the other, the box with it, goes down and vice versa. If the two objects are of the same weight, the scales boxes stay at the same level. Different objects can be weighed: a ball, a car, a toy house, a doll and various soft toys…

Simple Scales - Develop Preschoolers' Logical Thinking

Want to amuse yourselves? Then riddles for children with answers are for you.

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