Maths Puzzles with Answers. Two Cyclists and a Bird

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Summer is over and children are preparing for a new school year. Here`s a fun way to get them in the mood for Back to School — we offer the kids to solve a maths logic puzzle which is sure to get them thinking.

Maths puzzles with answers. Two Cyclists and a Bird

Two cyclists went to meet each other: one — from point A, the second — from point B. When 300 km remained between them, a bird noticed them and started to fly from the first to the second cyclist and vice versa, till the cyclists met. The bird was flying at a speed of 100 km per hour. The cyclists were going to meet each other at an equal speed of 50 km per hour. How many kilometers did the bird cover flying between the cyclists?

The answer is in comments.

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At first sight the puzzle seems rather complicated, but if you read the task more attentively, it`ll become clear that the bird flew 300 km.
The solution: the bird was flying till the cyclists met. The cyclists covered 300 km at an overall speed 100 km per hour for 3 hours. Consequently, the bird was also flying 3 hours at its speed of 100 km per hour.
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