Logic Puzzles with Answers for Kids. Pills

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Logic puzzles with answers for kids. Pills
You have to take 2 pills every day — one from vial A, the second from vial B.
It'a a matter of life and death. If you don't do that, you'll die. If you take the pills from one vial, you'll die too.
On taking a pill from vial A, you shook vial B hard and 2 pills from vial B dropped on your palm. So 3 exactly the same pills are on your palm — one from vial A and 2 from vial B.
You have no possibility to distinguish them — the pills don't differ outwardly and by taste. You can't throw them away and take the new ones — they are priceless.
How can you take the pills without any risk?

The answer is in comments. It's simple, think about it.

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The answer to the puzzle:

Take one more pill from vial A, divide all the 4 pills on the palm in half and lay out the halves of the pills on 2 handfuls. Today drink the pills from one bunch, the next time — from the other.
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