Logic Puzzles with Answers for Kids. Half Barrel

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Logic puzzles with answers for kids. Half Barrel
A Barrel is filled in with water about half. And you want to find out if it's filled in exactly half. You've got neither a stick nor any other instrument to measure the content of the barrel. And there's no sleeve in it.

How can you find out whether the barrel is filled in half?

If you need the correct answer to compare your's, you'll find it in comments.

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Answer: The simpliest way to get to know it is to tilt the barrel so that the water in it reach its edge. If the barrel bottom is shown up a bit, it means the water in the barrel is below half. And if the bottom is below the water level, so there's more water than half. At last, if the top edge of the barrel is just the water level, the barrel was filled in exactly half. Logic puzzle Half Barrel
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