Logic Math Brain Teaser and Riddle. Divide the Horses

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Logic math brain teaser and riddle. Divide the Horses
You'll find the answer to this riddle in comments.

Tartaglia, an Italian, who was the first to discover the way of finding the roots of the cubic equation, came up with the riddle about 17 horses. It was declared in the dead father's will that the 17 horses belonging to the household had to be divided among the three heirs one-half to one-third and to one-ninth respectively. How was the will executed?

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The answere is 2, 6, 9 horses. Tartaglia himself suggested the solving of the riddle. For dividing 17 horses, it's necessary to take one more horse and their total number will be 18. If you divide 18 horses, you'll have 2, 6, 9 horses the sum of which will be 17. This added horse from 18 is «an excess one» and should be returned to the owner. It's simpler to solve the riddle otherwise: the proportion 1/2: 1/3: 1/9 is enough to multiply by 18. The answer turns out the same.
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