Easy Brain Teasers. Tasks, Puzzles with Matches for Kids

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Easy brain teaser tasks are a source of wonderful ideas making our brains work and invent something new and original. In my opinion developing tasks and puzzles with matches for kids may be as interesting and exciting as any other handmade crafts.

For example, compose a figure of any animal out of matches and ask your child to make the same animal. Many figures of animals composed of matches are given below. If your child has learned to make them, ask him to compose the figures in a mirror reflection — if your fish is swimming right, let your child make a fish swimming left and so on. Besides, out of matches you can compose the whole composition — water-plants, stones, trees, the sun. You may decorate your picture with as different elements as possible. If your picture is lovely and you wish to keep it, you may stick it onto a sheet of paper with P V A glue and paint some elements of it, decorate with leaves.

Tasks, Puzzles with Matches for Kids

Besides, you can use matches to teach your kids to compose numbers, letters, short sentences teaching them to read and prepare for school.

Here are a number of interesting ideas too for you, children: kids art

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