Brain Teasers Riddles for Kids. Two Cyclists

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Brain teasers riddles for kids. Two Cyclists
Two cyclists were moving towards each other: one — from point A, the other — from point B. When there were 300 km left between them, the bird noticed the cyclists and started to fly from the first cyclist to the second one and backwards till they met. The bird was flying at a speed of 100 kph. The cyclists were moving straight towards each other with the same speed 50 kph. How many kilometers did the bird cover, flying between the cyclists?

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At first sight the puzzle seems complicated. But if you read it mindfully, you'll understand that the bird has flown 300 km. Solution: the bird was flying till the cyclists met. The cyclists covered 300 km at the same speed 100 kph for 3 hours. Therefore, the bird was flying at the speed of 100 kph and it flew 300 rv.
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