Brain Teasers Riddles for Kids. Logic Problem to Solve - BROKEN VASE

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BROKEN VASE is a perfect brain teasers riddle for kids to have fun and get smarter.

— Yesterday I got home a bit earlier than usual. As soon as I took my place at the table and was going to have dinner, I heard something fell down in my wife`s room. I rushed there and lying on the floor I saw the old Vase which my wife treasured very much. The Vase was broken. At that moment some man ran out of the room. I ran after him. But as soon as I was out, my glasses fogged at once. You know, the evenings have been cold nowadays. I stumbled on a rake and lost sight of the stranger. I beg you to find the malefactor. He was sure inclined to rob our house. Besides, how can I explain to my wife — today she`s coming back from her parents, — how her vase was broken?

Brain Teasers Riddles. Logic Problem to Solve - BROKEN VASE

— I can`t understand, Mr Valdemar, why you are afraid of your wife so much. You are attempting to mislead me referring to the alleged offender. It`s better to tell your wife how it happened.

Why did inspector Varnike refuse to investigate the incident?

Have you got any difficulty? Ask your grandpa or dad to help solve the puzzle.

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The answer is given in COMMENTS.

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The glasses are fogged when entering from cold into warmth and not vice versa.
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