Brain Teaser with Answer for Kids and Adults. Plot for a House

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Brain teaser with answer for kids and adults — Plot for a House. I've recently made a good purchase — a lovely plot for a house in the village. Its only inconvenience is that there's quite noisy there. The plot is surrounded by 3 rectilinear segments of the equal length: a railway, national highway and local highway. That's why I decided to build a house in the place of the plot the sum of the distances from which to the 3 highways is the biggest. Where should I choose the place for a house?

The answer is in comments.

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The answer:

No matter where you'll choose the place, as the plot is an equilateral triangle — the sum of the distances from any point inside the equilateral triangle as far as its three sides is always the same.
It's pretty interesting, my schoolchildren solved it, though it's not easy.
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