Brain Teaser Questions and Puzzles. MONEY for BREAD

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Brain teaser questions and puzzles. We want you to share and challenge your friends to solve this interesting brain teaser MONEY for BREAD.

Three builders were working at the construction. One builder had 2 steaks, the other — one. The third builder came up to them and asked to share. One steak was given to him, thus each builder ate one steak. The third builder paid the other two $6. The money was divided like this: the builder who had 2 steaks took $4, the second took $2. The question — Was the money divided right?

The answer is in comments. The puzzle is interesting and quite easy.

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Certainly, not. The second builder had one steak and he ate one steak, that`s why he shouldn`t be given any money. The first builder, who had two steaks, should take all the money.
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