Valentine Carving Ideas for Kids. Romantic Dish Decoration

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Valentine carving ideas for kids. Valentine's Day is an opportunity to strengthen our existing relationship with romance and love. Amazing souvenirs, valentines, gifts and romance dinner will make this wonderful holiday precious beyond anything else. Appropriate dish decoration of your holiday dinner will add a lot to the festive romantic atmosphere. We'll start dish decorating with the simpliest but the most important elements — hearts. They should necessarily be served in the lovers' menu.

Romantic Dish Decoration

Valentine Carving Ideas for Kids. Romantic Dish Decoration

First prepare wooden and decorative skewers. Cut out hearts from red apple slices, strawberries or watermelon. For decoration use half orange slices or cherries.

You can bring zest to the festive table, if you make a collage from red and green apples. A mini-heart is cut out in one apple and brought to the other contrasting in color.

Original hearts can be made from tomato halves connected with arrow skewers.

Valentine Carving Ideas for Kids. Romantic Dish Decoration

Any dish will look more appetizing if you make an edging or add any bright element.

You can make a cute heart from strawberries on a snow-white dish. In the middle of such a heart frame, a small nice gift can be placed.

Compositions from different petals with baskets and rose buds will wonderfully decorate the dish for Valentine's Day party. You can cut out such decorative elements from boiled and raw carrot, raw cucumbers and tomatoes.

Valentine Carving Ideas for Kids. Romantic Dish Decoration

Any romantic dinner can be beautified with abundance of berries and fruit. On Valentine's day they can be served like small and big hearts. Strawberries, apples, watermelon, melon and cherries will look bright and appetizing on one dish.

You can serve a watermelon basket filled with various berries and fruit.

For those who are fond of exotic one can cook soushi in the form of «a heart». Red food coloring, cherries and mint leaves can be used.

From slices of kiwi, strawberries and raspberries you can make a lovely heart. Putting dark blueberries between the fruit you can emphasize the color of the dish.

Valentine Carving Ideas for Kids. Romantic Dish Decoration

On Valentine's Day even ordinary dishes should be served in a festive decor. Spagetti and pizza can be baked in the form of a heart. Add greenery, cheese and paprika for decoration.

Amazing decor can be made from thin slices of cucumbers and tomatoes. Adding greens, white cheese, red caviar or olives, real painting pictures can be created.

We showed you only some varients of how to decorate dishes on Valentine's day. Using your imagination and experimenting you can easily create your own unique masterpieces. Remember: all ingenious is simple. Hurry to please your loved ones!

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