Simple Vegetable Carving Design - a BEE on the Flower

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Carving is used to make food look more eye-catching and appetizing. A Bee on the Flower is a simple vegetable carving design which will be easy to create even for a beginner in this technique. Follow our instructions and you`ll manage to do it.

A BEE on the Flower

You`ll Need:

— a slice of bread
— red sweet pepper
— boiled egg yolk
— green and black pitted olives
— radish
— a leaf of green salad
— canned green peas
— a sprig of parsley and dill
— butter
— boiled carrot


1. Cut a ring out of a small slice of bread. Grease the bread ring with butter and sprinkle with grated boiled egg yolk.

2. From the pepper cut off the core and remove seeds. Cut out «petals» from the pepper with a knife or scissors with rounded ends.

3. Place the cut «petals» on the edge of the sandwich.

4. Cut green and black olives in rings on 4 parts. Assemble the Bees alternating black and green rings.

5. Cut the radish into thin rings and make the wings cutting off the red rim of the radish.

6. Place the bees on the «flower» adding the wings and heads from the peas. Make antennae from the stalks of parsley and dill.

7. Put the sandwiches on a leaf of salad. Decorate the «flower» moddle with the pieces of boiled carrot. Bon appetit!

Simple Vegetable Carving Design - a BEE on the Flower

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It`s really so appetizing! We`ll make it for my daughter`s birthday party.
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