Food Carving for Beginners - Edible Lion

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Food carving for beginners offers you a number of yummy sandwiches — Edible Lion is one of them. This carving design is easy for childen to create; but if you are a beginner scissor user, ask your mom or elder sister to help cut the products.

Edible Lion

Food Carving for Beginners - Edible Lion

To Make an Edible Lion you'll Need:

— 1 pancake or a slice of bread,
— 1 hard-boiled egg,
— 2 carrots,
— hard cheese,
— olive slices,
— 1 radish,
— parsley,
— butter.


The lion's face is made from a piece of pancake or a slice of bread; the ears are pieces of boiled carrots and hard-boiled egg.

The eyes are made from the circles of white of the egg and olive slices. The nose can be made from a radish or olive; the whiskers — from parsley sprigs.

Use egg yolk for the cheeks, pieces of cheese and carrot for the lion's mane.

The picture below shows you another version of this carving design — a Lion's Full Figure. You see it's also a healthy meal idea for kids to feed them tasty and appetizing. How to make it is clear from the picture.

Food Carving for Beginners - Edible Lion

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This carving lion is even awesome:

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