Craft ideas. Original Carving - SHIP from Fruit

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Do you want to surprise your guests with an original yummy carving? SHIP from fruit will be both a tasty dish and a delightful decoration of the festive table. The detailed instructions are attached to make your creative work easier.

Craft ideas. Original Carving - SHIP from Fruit

SHIP from Fruit

What You`ll Need:

— an elongated melon;
— grapes;
— an orange;
— wooden skewers;
— rope.

How to Build the Ship:

1. Cut the melon nose off to make the viewpoint. Cut the melon along in half. If desired, take the seeds away. Make the bottom of the ship flat so that the ship can stand on the plate not falling. Flags and the top of the central mast can be made from the cut piece of melon.

2. Cut the second melon half in two and cut along into 3 pieces. Make the ship feed from the 3 details in the place of the cut nose as shown in the picture fixing the construction with the skewers: put one skewer at the angle of 45 degrees, the second — vertically. The topmost part of the ship should be turned down the melon rind. To make this part look up, cut it a bit from below.

3. Make the ship nose from the other 3 parts similarly. To have the ship nose sharper, cut the upper part a little to make it sharp; to make this part look up, cut it a bit from below.

4. Now make 2 central masts and put the viewpoint on it — the melon nose prepared on step 1.

5. Make the flags using the piece cut from the ship bottom on step 1.

6. Using the grapes, orange peel, the flags and the top for the central mast decorate the ship as shown in the picture.

7. Fix the rope and our SHIP is ready to sail!

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I`m sure this yummy carving Ship will attract kids` attention. And what about these carvings?

Carvings from fruit

Carvings from fruit
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