Craft ideas. Carving at Christmas - SANTA CLAUS from vegetables

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In a month time Christmas will be with us. And is there anybody who doesn`t think about the preparation for the holiday? I`m sure, not. All of us are doing everything possible to make the holiday unforgettable. So, will you pay attention to this smiling SANTA CLAUS made from vegetables? It`ll be a lovely decoration of your festive dishes. This cute carving craft is for beginners, for those who take the first steps in this marvellous technique. Start making and you`ll see it`s not difficult but exciting.

You`ll Need: a red sweet pepper (a larger one), chinese cabbage, a slice of cucumber, toothpicks to secure.

1. Remove the leg of the pepper and place the pepper steady with the hole down.
2. Atop attach a piece of cucumber with a toothpick.
3. Choose small cabbage leaves; try their size on the figure of Santa Claus: one long leaf for a beard, three shorter ones for hair. Cut the excess of the stalk. Choose a cup-shaped leaf for the upper layer of the hair.
4. While trying on, with a toothpick mark the places for eyes, a nose and a mouth on a large leaf.
5. Make face parts from olive and pepper and insert them into small slots. Attach the mustache.
6. Using the toothpicks or their halves first fasten the long leaf with the face and beard, then the three shorter ones around the head. Atop put a leaf.
7. Make the cap from the pepper top or a small tomato. Take a large cabbage leaf and from its top with a knife cut a long strip 1,5-2 cm broad, trying to cut along the fiber direction. It`ll be a cap marge. Fasten the cap on the head and wrap it with the cut strip.
Here it is — the delightful Christmas dish decoration is ready!

Craft ideas. Carving at Christmas - SANTA CLAUS from vegetables

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The idea is wonderful! Thank you.
Wow! Santa Claus from strawberries! Yummy!

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