Children creative. Christmas dish decoration - SNOWMEN from curd

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We`ve found a perfect Christmas dish decoration — SNOWMEN from curd and immediately decided to share this idea with you, as the holiday is approaching and you are searching for something marvelous for the decoration of your festive table. You want to surprise your guests and you`ll manage to do it placing these cute Snowmen on the table. It`s not difficult to cook but beautiful to look at and tasty to eat. The Snowmen are made using the elements of carving technique.


Children creative. Christmas dish decoration - SNOWMEN from curd

You`ll need:
Adygea cheese — 300 gm,
cheese Fetaki — 4-5 table spoons,
butter — 2 table spoons,
1 clove of garlic,
vegetables and greens for decoration.
Soften butter well at room temperature and mix it with cheese Fetaki.
1. Grate Adygea cheese on fine grater.
2. Add half of the cheese into the mixture of butter and cheese Fetaki. Leave the second half for rolling under.
3. Kneed the curd by hands. Add the squashed clove of garlic.
4. Roll the wads of different sizes, then roll them under in the grated cheese.
5. Place the wads on the plate and put them into the fridge for being frozen up. Or you can put them into the deep freeze for 15 minutes.
6. Assemble the Snowman from two or three wads. You can join them with toothpicks or skewers.
7. Cut the face parts from olive and pepper.
8. The cap can be made from tomato, pepper, boiled carrot etc.
9. The arms are made from parsley stems.

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This Christmas dish decoration is fabulous! The following food snowmen are very like the given and they are also appetizing and lovely. My children will enjoy doing and then eating it.

Christmas dish decoration
Tank you, the idea is wonderful!
The Snowmen look really appetizing especially for kids.
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