Art activities for children. Fischer Tips - creative sets for kids

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Art activities for children are developing and becoming more interesting and diverse. Fischer tips — creative sets for kids are among a great number of them.
New creative sets for kidsFischer tips or colored tips. Even small children can play with them with great interest.

Fischer tips are made of natural materials: potato starch or rice flour and colored with food dye.
You can compose various figures out of Fischer tips. To join the tips you are to water them; you can easily cut them to make the necessary form. Everything needed for work is in the set: a special knife, a sponge for tips watering, sprayer and stencils, a brush and the instruction. There are some other necessary things which you'll find out in the set on buying it. Fischer tips help to develop fine motor skills, creative abilities and abstract thinking of our children.

Watch video and you'll learn how to play with Fischer tips.

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It goes without saying these Fischer Tips sets help instill a love of creativity in our children.
Oh yes, the sets are useful and loved by kids, I'm sure.
The following Fischer tips are perfect too!

fischer tip

fischer tip
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