Games for training chldren memory and logical thinking

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Something has disappeared!
You lay out some things on the table (it's better to start with 5), after the kid has attentively looked at them, he turns back and you take one thing away. Your child is to say which thing has disappeared. Gradually you may increase the number of disappearing objects.

Games for training chldren memory and logical thinking

What's in the cap?
Put some objects (5 or 6) into a cap or a box, show them to your child for 3 seconds and hide. The kid should remember and name what he has seen in the cap.

I know ten names
This game is for a group of children. They are sitting in a circle and, passing a ball to each other, pronounce: «I… know… ten… names of… trees: a birch — one! asp — two!.. and so on. The one who can't continue, leave the game.

The game with matches — Make the same
This game is played in pairs. Each child is given 6 matches. One of them composes some picture out of the matches. The second looks at it for some seconds, the picture is hidden and he tries to make the similar one. Then they change their roles: the second composes, the first tries to repeat.

Lay out different things on the sofa, for example. It'll be your shop. Ask your kid first „to buy“ two things, then more and more, gradually making the game more complex.

The game — Associations
This game is for a kid's development logic, imagination and the quickness of reaction. Two, three or more children may play the game. The first child says: „I'm a storm', the second: “I'm a cloud», the third: «I'm a rain», the fourth: «I'm an umbrella» and so on.

I advise you to draw a stencil of the future construction out of bricks and then build it. It develops spatial thinking. The drawn construction should consist of only those elements which you've got at your disposal.

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