Children creative. Entertaining maths - TASKS for the development of schoolchildren`s logical thinking

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We want to submit for your consideration some interesting tasks aiming to develop children`s logical thinking. Besides, these simple entertaining maths tasks will stimulate schoolchildren`s abilities in this subject, improve their attention and awaken the desire to solve difficult problems in future.

1. There`s a cat in each corner of the room. Opposite each of these cats 3 cats are sitting. How many cats are there in the room?

2. Father has got 6 sons. Each son has got a sister. How many children has got the father?

3. There are 70 pupils in two forms. One form has 5 pupils more than the other. How many pupils has each form?

4. There are 3 rabbits in the cage. Three girls asked to give them one rabbit to each. Each girl was given one rabbit. And yet one rabbit was left in the cage. How did it happen?

5. Six fishermen ate six zanders in six days. How many days will ten fishermen have eaten ten zandars for?

6. Forty magpies were sitting in the tree. A hunter passed, shot and killed six magpies. How many magpies were left in the tree?

7. A boy and a piglet weigh as much as 5 boxes. A piglet weighs as much as 4 cats; 2 cats and a piglet weigh as much as 3 boxes. How many cats will weigh the same as the boy?

8. Two fathers and two sons divided three oranges among themselves in such a way that each has got one orange. How can it be? ( hint: grandfather, father and grandson are 2 fathers and 2 sons )

9. A carterpillar is crawling on the plant stem 5 meters in height. In the daytime the carterpiller rises to 3 dm, at night it descends 2 dm. How many days will it take the carterpillar to reach the plant top?

10. There are two buckets: one is 4 liter bucket the other is 9 liter. How can you fetch 6 liters of water from the river using only these buckets?

11. Some number ends in «2». If you place this «2» from the end of the number to the beginning, you`ll have the number twice as much as the original. Find this number.

TASKS for the development of attention:

1. Think and say — Who will swim across the river faster ducklings or chickens?

2. Think and say — What color is the hair of Gingerbread Man?

3. Guess a riddle:
There were some sweets in the package.
Two mothers, two daughters, two grandmothers
Took one sweet each,
And no one was left.
How many sweets were there in the package?

4. There were 5 birches; each had 5 branches. And each branch had 5 twigs. Each twig had 5 apples. How many apples were there on the tree?

5. Think and say — What helps white bears to survive in the desert without water?

6. What trees do ostriches build nests on?

7. There are 2 apples and 4 pears on the table. How many vegetables are there on the table?

8. Think and say — Who roars louder a tiger or a buffalo?

9. Peter looked through the window and said:
— There`s strong wind outside. We should dress warmer.
How did he guess that there was strong wind outside? What did he see?

10. Two girls went to the forest to gather mushrooms and met two boys. How many children were going to the forest?

11. Five candles were burning in the room. A man came and put out 2 candles. How many candles were left? ( hint: 2 — the rest have burnt )

12. Read the words and say — What word is improper in each line?
— sofa, chair, wardrobe, kennel, bedside table;
— carnation, camomile, reed, lily, aster;
— boletus, amanita, russule, brown cap boletus, chanterelle.

13. Think and say — How much soil is there in the pit 1 meter in depth and 1 meter in length and 1 meter in width?

14. A six-year-old girl had a cat with a short tail. It ate a mouse with a long tail, and a mouse swallowed two grains and a thin piece of cheese. Say — How old was the girl who had a cat?

15. There`s a cock on one bank of the river, a turkey is on the other. There`s a small island in the middle. Which of the two birds flies to the island faster?

16. How many mushrooms can be grown from 5 seed?

17. What lives deeper in the sea: a pike, a crayfish or a trout?

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