My favorite interactive doll - Miracle baby - home photos

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This delightful doll will give your daughters a lot of pleasant playtime.
The doll Miracle baby is an interactive doll for girls. I've got it at home — I adore it. It's made of very soft rubber pleasant for touching, its nice hair doesn't get tangled and easily brushed. It has got wonderful real eyelashes. Its body is soft, its arms and legs are 1/4 made of silicone-vinyl, so its clothes should be with long sleeves. But its functions are perfect! It babbles like a child, drinks water, spits up, if it has drunk enough. The doll can water into a diaper even with a sound. After this Miracle baby starts being capricious as if it wants its clothes to be changed. It makes lots of sounds. You can put this doll to bed — lay it horizontally, it starts yawning, blinking the eyes and falls asleep. To awaken the baby you should lift it a bit, it'll start blinking, yawning again and awaken. While being played with the doll babbles something. I like its eyelids, they are made of rubber not like the eyelids of ordinary dolls. The rubber is so elastic that it stretches easily when the doll opens or closes its eyes. And because of this the doll is very much alike the real baby.
Three small batteries make the doll work, they are enough for a long time. The size of Miracle baby is 48 cm so the clothes for new-born babies will suit it too. It's rather heavy — more than 1 kg because of the mechanisms in the head and in the body.
Here I'll show you the home photos of my favorite Miracle baby. I've learned about it on the e-buy auction and bought it there. The doll was produced by Mattel in 2002.
There are 2 variations of Miracle baby:
1 — a mouth moves when the doll drinks,
2 — the doll waters, after it has drunk from a bottle. I've got this one.

This video shows what perfect elastic material the doll is made of and that it can «drink» from any bottle not only from its own.

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My daughter enjoys playing with these lovely Miracle dolls.

Play with Miracle Dolls

Play with Miracle Dolls

Play with Miracle Dolls
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