Interactive Doll from Playmates - Smart ANJUTA

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Dolls are everything for girls both small and not very small ones. When they are interesting interactive dolls like Smart ANJUTA from Playmates, girls enjoy, play and simply can`t part with them. Smart ANJUTA is lovely and «clever», it can pronounce 683 sentences! Besides, its gestures are rich: when it «talks», its mouth moves, the dimples in its cheeks appeare. It puckers and «upsets», laughs and wakes up in a dream…

Interactive Doll from Playmates - Smart ANJUTA

If you want to start playing with the doll, touch its left arm and hold it for about 7 seconds — the doll asks: «Mom, what shall we do?» Then you can play with it as you like.

Smart ANJUTA always knows when it`s time to eat, sleep; it even knows the holiday New Year Day thanks to the built-in calendar and watch.

Interactive Doll from Playmates - Smart ANJUTA

Anjuta asks to clean the teeth after the meal and wishes «Good morning». It likes when its hair is combed, so do it more often, please. It distinguishes all the things belonged to it and knows what clothes are on and when it`s on the pot. To make it fall asleep, you are to press its right hand for about 7 seconds.

Here are some phrases pronounced by Anjuta:
— «Mom, do you like me?»
— «Mom, is it time to get up?»
— «Mom, I`m tired!»
— «Mom, I want juice.»
— «Mom, I feel bad.»
— «Mom, I also like you.» and so on — 683 phrases in all.

The set contains:
— interactive doll Anjuta,
— a set of toy products,
— a plate with spoons,
— a comb,
— pajamas,
— a pot,
— a tooth brush,
— gift wrap.

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Smart Anjuta is really an interesting doll for girls to play with. I want to show you here its one more photo:

Smart Anjuta from Playmates
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