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Dolls are perfect playthings for girls, they can be occupied playing with them long hours. I want to boast about my glorious dolls. First I had a light Baby Annabel — 3 versions with mimicry. It came to me broken from the e-buy auction (it had been bought as a 4- version-doll with a head turning). We began repairing it and found out the doll had no mechanism for head turning))), but it had mimicry. Quite naturally I made up my mind to buy Baby Annabel with a head turning. I did it and was disappointed — the new version of the doll was worse. I love my first Annabel with mimicry more.
Here are some of its photos:

The next photos show that my baby is dressed in a suit for a new-born kid (not in a doll's one).

And these clothes are sewn by me…

Later I bought a black Annabel ;). The black one differs from the light not only with the color but also with form of the nose, lips, ears…
Here they are both together:

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