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Those parents, who have daughters and choose dolls for them, will understand my desire to talk about the dolls Paola Reina. They are very beautiful and of good quality. I'm sure they will leave indifferent neither girls nor their mothers:) The dolls are various: soft in size from 36 cm to 58 cm, vinyl made — 32 cm and sweeties — 42 cm. All Paola Reina dolls smell pleasant with vanilla, the scent keeps long getting less and less saturated with the passing time. I like this scent… The hair of the dolls is simply marvelous! — it's easily brushed, doesn't get tangled and shines nicely. The eyes are made of such a material that they seem alive.

In general the dolls are remarkable and what is more they completely correspond the price — the quality demand. It's a pity but they've got a drawback too — their clothes are of rather bad quality, the articles aren't zigzaggered, the seams are inaccurate, velcro fasteners are not properly fixed. The long eyelashes are constantly tearing off, so it's better to glue them on buying themselves not to be upset if you lose the eyelashes. But the shoes of the dolls are nice.

Here are some photos of the sweeties Paola Reina — 22 cm.

I like these dolls with hair more:

These are original sweeties «Drink and Water»:

My dolls Paola Reina are Karla, an athlete, and Lieu. I like them both.

The sweeties have no eyelashes, nevertheless the faces are lovely and the bodies are plump with little folds. The sweetie's size is 22 cm.

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Paola Reina is a lovely doll for girls to play, isn`i it? This doll is also Paola Reina:

Paola Reina
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